An Argentine-made graphic adventure



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Reversion is a traditional point-and-click graphic adventure where you play a man who wakes up in a Buenos Aires hospital after having been in a coma for 20 years.

The main problem your protagonist will find himself in upon waking up is that everything he knew from his time has changed. It's the year 2035 and the city is in ruins and governed by a paramilitary force that terrorizes the few inhabitants left in the city.

The game's adventure, however, isn't complete. This is because it's the first part of a three-episode series where you'll have to try and discover what's happened and how you can solve it ... if there even is a solution.

The game's graphics are similar to certain traditional cartoon movies, with a detailed but fun design. Even if it doesn't present anything especially new, the results are very well done.

Reversion is an entertaining graphic adventure that revives the flavor of traditional adventures from the 90s and offers an intriguing story with some fun characters.
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